Beauty in Real Life


Whilst strolling around SoHo on a random Wednesday afternoon I stumbled upon Glossier's HQ. Located right on Lafayette St., this was a surprise to me as I thought they were an online-only store. (So NYC peeps, definitely find time to visit them. Their clean and pink aesthetics would definitely be insta-worthy).

What did I tell you... INSTAWORTHY

What did I tell you... INSTAWORTHY

and this too.

and this too.

It was literally one of the best days of the week for me. I got to try their products first hand and OMG.. I AM IN LOVE... <3 Their cleanser and moisturizer naturally softens my skin; even on the first application. WOW.

This made me realize one thing a lot of girls like myself need to pay closer attention to: Keeping the skin healthy especially after the use of makeups. People spend a lot of money to consult with an aesthetician, buy expensive products and some even take pills to keep the skin from breaking or aging when in fact keeping your skin healthy only need the right cleanser and moisturizer. Sometimes we are too obsessed with applying too much product meanwhile our skin also needs to breathe.

Caring for your skin shouldn't be complicated!

I personally have always stick with the essentials (cleanser, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen) for daily basis and that's why Glossier's phase 1 set is perfect!

Perfecting skin tint  (I purchased in 'dark' color)

Perfecting skin tint (I purchased in 'dark' color)

pink ( priming moisturizer  and the  mask duo )

pink (priming moisturizer and the mask duo)