My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

I admit I was the laziest person to care about my skin. Thankfully, I have a decent normal to oily skin that is quite easy to take care of until now. During my puberty days, I only had a few pimples on my T-zone so I had never put much thought on which moisturizer to use, or which cleansing foam works best for my skin. 

Until One day my mom said to me (in a very serious tone), "it's very important to take care of your skin before you start getting wrinkles! Cause once you get it, you can't go back." If her intention was to scare me, it did work really well. I try my best not to miss one day of my routine ever since then. I started to explore all the brands and see which works best for my skin. As of now, I'm very content with what I'm using everyday and I can finally say I've found the right products for my skin. (But, I still love to explore around and try new ones since there are so many good brands out there!) So, I'm going to share my top favorite products to you all in this post :) Hope that it might give you some information and perhaps try to see if it also works on your skin.

FYI, this is my most basic everyday routine (not including the additional steps for applying masks n etc). I'll save that one for another blog post :)

I start with washing my face once a day (at night) to remove all the oil and dirt (especially from the pollution here in Jakarta). I don't feel like I need to wash it in the morning because I have just a good amount of oil on my skin to prevent it from being too dry. This facial foam is very smooth and subtle on my skin so it doesn't leave your skin too dry.

I got these Aesop products back when I was still in New York. The serum is made for warm and humid climates, so they recommended me to use this when I'm back in Jakarta. I featured this on my July favorites post because it has been my skin savior this past several months I'm back here in Jakarta.

The toner works really well with my combination skin and the serum has a water-oil consistency that keeps my face hydrated enough for the whole day. The closest you can buy them right now is in Singapore. I really hope they open one in Jakarta soon.

Then I continue with applying my True Cream - Aqua bomb by Belif that works as my daily moisturizer. For my oily to dry combination skin, this is just enough to keep my face moist and hydrated throughout the day without feeling sticky when I’m outside.

The key is to understand what type of skin we have and the weather we’re in every day. For humid areas like Jakarta, we have to remember to protect our skin from the sun and pollution so it won’t clog our pores. Hence the products we apply should not be very thick.

eye cream

4. Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

This green tea eye cream has a nice thick consistency that helps to hydrate my skin all around the eyes. Often people my age likes to skip this step but actually, this is one of the important ones! You have start early to prevent wrinkles around the eye because, the skin around your eyes are actually very thin so it is very easy to create fine lines.


Last but not least, never, EVER skip this step. Why? because it's the most crucial part of the routine; we need to protect our skin from the sun! Even when you think you need a little bit of tanning, you still need to apply sunscreen first before getting exposed to the sun. FYI, the sun is too cruel these days!

Usually, I hate wearing sunscreen because it's too thick and icky on my skin however, Glossier's sunscreen came to solve the problem. Its clear watergel formula leaves no greasy residue and keeps it light on my skin. Just perfect!

How about you guys? What is your face routine like? Which products works best?

Leave a comment down below because I would love to hear about it! Thank you, xx.