the Key To A Youthful Skin

‘Wanna know what is (one of) the keys to a youthful skin? for me, it's MASKING ROUTINE. YASSS!

My beauty obsession just started lately and currently, I am very into skincare, especially in masks and masking routines for face. Not only it’s such a calming activity to do during my spare or quiet time, but these products also give so much ‘glow’! My overall skin feel so much smoother, moist (in a good way) and supple. Wanna know how? Keep reading!

HYDRATION is indeed one of the main keys to keep a good and youthful skin. If you notice, even the famous '10 Step Korean Skincare' routine is focused mostly on hydrating (and moisturizing) the skin. It's crucial to hydrate especially during your 20s cause you will thank yourself later in 10-20 years time. 

So, there are various kinds of face masks and each has its own function and benefit to our skin. I'm going to share masks I have routinely and interchangeably been using (and also been reacting well on my skin). it's important that you learn to understand what your skin type needs and learn as you go.

FYI, do not expect your skin to change instantly like magic, cause this process takes time through trial and errors! 

My skin type is a combination of normal to oily skin (especially T-zone area)


TYPE 1: Gel Masks

 Lots of brands are selling these 'sleeping' masks nowadays where it is used at night before you sleep to prevent our skin from drying out (especially while you sleep under the AC the whole night). Below are my personal favorites because it's very hydrating yet the simplest and easiest to apply - especially on lazy nights. 

DSCF0600 .jpg

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe

- Actually smells like watermelon

- Lightweight and breathable

- Contains hyaluronic acid and AHA

- Comes in small size perfect for travel and for first timers who wants to try

- Still not available in Indonesia - but you can always pre-order from IG shops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

DSCF0604 .jpg

Green Tea Sleeping Pack by Innisfree

- Green Tea extracts from Jeju island

- Thicker texture with a refreshing smell

- Expect to wake up the next morning with smoother skin, supple and hydrated


DSCF0598 .jpg

Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige

- Many swear by this product however, I must admit it's quite pricy

- Lightweight, similar to Glow Recipe

- Soothing, good for redness on skin

- Has 'Sleep Scent' that helps you relax during your sleep - it is actually written on the instruction packet for you to smell it

DSCF0615 .jpg

Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask by Dr Jart+

- cooling effect during application

- Thick texture; so a small squirt goes a long way, last until the next morning!

- No sticky residue

- Extra points for their packaging :p



Honestly, this type of mask is one of my most complicated ones to use. It needs extra work of applying it to your face, wait another 10 up to 20 mins (depending on it's instructions), then you still have to rinse it off. But, these substances are known for deep cleansing therefore, I can guarantee you will be satisfied to see your skin is clean and tight afterwards!

DSCF0596 .jpg

Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask by Origins

- I apply this on my nose to clear out blackheads every once in a while

DSCF0613 .jpg

Age Prevention Superfood Mask by Youth To The People

- Consists of Spirulina, Microalgae, Kale, Spinach, Vit C, E, B5

- Spirulina and bioactive microalgae deliver age defying antioxidants

- 100% vegan ingredients

-  Skin feels so tight, smooth and shiny afterwards; it clears out and minimizes pores too.

- Balances and restores dull and tired skin




DSCF0601 .jpg

Jelly Face Mask by Lush

- Freshly made; only last a few weeks

- Jelly-like texture with gentle scrub for exfoliator

- Contains natural products like papaya, orange juice and bamboo stem for exfoliation

- Skin does not feel as tight but definitely clean and smooth from exfoliation

DSCF0619 .jpg

Honey Overnight Mask by Cosrx

- Consists of natural ingredients like propolis extract that is proven to help reduce acne (including fungal acne) and redness

- Can be used as a mask, daily moisturizer or wash-off mask (but I prefer leaving it on my face the whole night to let it absorb all the way)

- Gel-like structure


Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.37.51 AM.png

Lover Rubber Masks by Dr. Jart+

There are four types, but I've only tried two of them - Hydration Lover and Bright Lover -  because I think these are the ones I needed the most for my skin. Each mask targets different skin concern such as dryness, dullness, breakouts and fine lines and wrinkles.

I personally love these masks because they are different than the rest; it comes in two steps, first the ampoule filled with pre-mask serum (that's where all the goodness are), and second is the two-piece rubber mask itself. So once you apply the serum, you just need to slap on the mask to your face and let it absorb. No mess required cause there wouldn't be any drippings like other masks usually do. The leftover serum on my face lasts throughout the whole night! 

Hydration Lover contains hyaluronic acid and algin that gives you a major hydration boost for dry skin. I love how my skin feels after giving it a hydration boost. Pores are slightly smaller (I proved this by taking a before and after masking selfie for comparison), and skin feels so moist and recharged. Perfect for tired & dull skin after a long week from work / busy schedule.

Bright Lover is infused with Vit. C and grapefruit extract to brighten dull and sleepy-looking skin and it really works! Of course, it's not as dramatic as you think, but subtly brighter and glowier after 1x use. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.00.41 PM.png




Face Masks by Innisfree

These masks are perfect for easy go-to masks on a daily basis or when you're traveling. Each also targets different skin concern consisting different natural extracts too but I love buying the whole collection for variation

They come in the usual sheet mask form, already soaked with its serum & extracts. All you need to do is to apply it on to your face. FYI, do follow the duration of application written there because I learned that you cannot leave certain type of masks for too long! It can reabsorb all the nutrients away from your face. 

So here is the list of all my favorite masks, I hope by sharing my thoughts and reviews will help you determine which ones to try or buy :) Feel free to share your favorite masks, and would love to hear how it works (maybe differently) on your skin!